Investment in stock or commodity markets is subject to market risk. Please follow the calls provided over SMS or messenger and mail. We do not guarantee the calls provided over phone calls . Kindly note: Share Logic financial services, do not provided any profit sharing services, guaranteed services and services which are not mentioned in our website, if any person/executive try sell such type of product kindly call on : +91 93000-10026

Stock Future

This service is planned for the traders who trade in STOCK FUTURE. We provide Intraday Calls in Futures segment. Share Logic Provided To Stock future tips based on Technical and Fundamental Analysis. our research team will help you to make good returns.In this service we provide intraday calls on Stock Futures.

  • 2-3 stock future intraday calls.
  •  We provide stock cash future only via sms
  • Follow stop loss strictly on each & every calls
  • follow-ups and Market News Updates.
  • Support on Yahoo & Direct Mobile Number will be provided.

Stock Future

Demo Calls

    1. BUY BHEL FUT(MONTH) ABOVE 241.00 TGT1 242, TGT2 244 TGT3 245.00 SL 239.50


    • BHEL DID OUR TGT1 242

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