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Investment in stock or commodity markets is subject to market risk. Please follow the calls provided over SMS or messenger and mail. We do not guarantee the calls provided over phone calls . Kindly note: Share Logic financial services, do not provided any profit sharing services, guaranteed services and services which are not mentioned in our website, if any person/executive try sell such type of product kindly call on : +91 93000-10026
Sharelogic is the team for the highly trust in the stock market. we provide research and information on Indian stock and forex market mainly based on technical analysis. for this we have a highly skilled and experienced team. We combine superior execution capabilities, meticulous research, rich transaction experience and a network of global partnerships to help our clients close a variety of strategic and financial transactions.
Yes, A person Whose Interested In Stock Market and Really Want to Earn Money With Minimum Risk and Maximum Profit Can Join With Share Logic.
Basically we have research based company and technical fundamentally and over all market prediction & update ….remain.
there is no such minimum amount required for trading You can choose no of lot size according to your convenience but it would be easier for you to have atleast 50k to trade in intraday efficiently.
You can avail the recommendations at all various Digital Platforms like (sms, messengers, rediff, yahoo, gtalk).
The IPO market in India has now become an attractive avenue for investment not only for regular traders, but also for new investors who so far have been averse to participating in the secondary markets on account of volatility and risk factors attached. Analysis of Primary market offerings to help you make informed investment decisions Regular updates provided on our website on ongoing and forthcoming IPO issues. Other relevant details pertaining to closed issues, new listings, basis of allotment and draft prospectus are also made available. Sections such as New Issue Monitor, IPO News and research reports provided by us on our website enable you to monitor and compare the performance of various IPOs.
YES we provide a guide line & studies facility about market after that he can judge which recommendation wants to work according to there risk capacity .
Yes we have a free facality for 2 days by clicking on the Free Trial Form.
Yes, we don’t share the data of clients our clients very important for us and also we have a confidential policy
Yes, If a client have any complain & query about our services so client can directly contact to our complain head by dialling ____ this no. our door always open for clients to resolve there complain & query.
We have 2 days free trial services prior taking any paid services. Even then we always make sure that we shall provide the most accurate tips from our part. So, Once the client has paid for the services there will be NO REFUNDS, CANCELLATIONS or TRANSFERS. Once you have made any payment for subscription to our site or in the bank account as mentioned in payment option. We believe that you have read and agreed to the Refund Policy of Sharelogic that NO REFUNDS, CANCELLATIONS or TRANSFERS are done in any case.
No We don’t offer any guarantee in Market as Investment in Equity/Commodity/Forex. Because market is subject to market risk. If any misguiding such statement(which as Like states that we offer guarantee) found anywhere Kindly one can complaint about it at info@sharelogic.in

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