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google's free service instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between english and over 100 other languages.

which direction should solar panels face?

nov 03, 2017 the direction solar panels should face is true south, a.k.a. solar south or geographic south. to correct the compass reading, your solar installer will calculate the magnetic declination of your site. true south can also be calculated at noon, when shadows from vertical objects run north south.

usgs earth explorer download free landsat imagery

how to download free landsat imagery with usgs earth explorer? the usgs earth explorer is a similar tool to the usgs global visualization viewer (glovis) in that users search catalogs of satellite and aerial imagery. the usgs earth explorer is the new and improved version.

solar vehicle wikipedia

solar cars lack the safety and convenience features of conventional vehicles. the first solar family car was built in 2013 by students in the netherlands. this vehicle is capable of 550 miles on one charge during sunlight. it weighs 850 pounds and has a 1.5kw solar

15 amazing things you can do with google earth quertime

15 amazing things you can do with google earth. through google earth, you can view the planets in the night. in the sky mode, select the our solar system layer to view the planets. in this portal, you see the symbol of each planet that appears in the sky. by zooming you will see the name of every planet. by double clicking the planet s name you can view the imagery layer.

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live satellite images in google earth google sightseeing

google sightseeing can exclusively reveal a major new feature in google earth live satellite images using the live satellite mode i created a screen capture of cars driving down a road, which you can see in the animated thumbnail below.

solar insolation map how many sun hours do you get?

solar insolation map data. these figures are based on the yearly average; consequently, systems based on these figures will provide more power in summer and less in winter. winter figures for daily solar gain may be from 25 to 50 less than these average figures. we do have additional insolation data available for other parts of the world.

suncalc sun position, sunlight phases, sunrise, sunset

suncalc is a little app that shows sun movement and sunlight phases during the given day at the given location. you can see sun positions at sunrise, specified time and sunset. the thin orange curve is the current sun trajectory, and the yellow area around is the variation of sun trajectories during the year.

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how to use "satellite" in a sentence

google earth from street view to satellite overview is the practical paradigmatic example of zoomability. a satellite accumulation point may contain up to 55 gallons of hazardous waste or one quart of acute hazardous waste indefinitely. another ash detection scheme using satellite data blends information from four different wavelengths.

sun and scale model of solar system in anchorage, ak

the solar system walk was designed by a high school student astronomy buff, and was the centennial project of the anchorage rotar club. the model's scale was "chosen so that a leisurely walking pace mimics the speed of light." the earth is at 5th ave. and k st., an 8 minute walk (how long the light of the sun takes to reach earth).

google 3d maps redwood forest | earthtechling

may 06, 2011 google is partnering with other organizations to develop a crowd sourced campaign to document a california redwood forest, including a 3d map of the region. earthtechling solar power

satellite world map

type any place where you want to travel on the world and satellite world map will find it for you. the google maps api allows you to navigate and explore new travel destinations on the earth. satellite world map

google news science latest

scientists are tracing the age of the ancestor of life on earth, and they just released their findings. today, the earth is covered with life in countless forms, but four billion years ago there was no life on our rocky world. so, it stands to reason that sometime

solar eclipse paths in google earth google earth blog

jan 12, 2006 the next total solar eclipse is only 76 days away on 29 march 2006 and crosses over a lot of land mass from southern russia, across kazahkstan, turkey, and right across north central africa. here is the 29 march 2006 total eclipse path for google earth.

solar panel | 3d warehouse

a high quality solar panel with a low polygon count (good for use in google earth models) (solar panel texture made by me) #2d #3d #air #alien #apartment #apple #balcony #balloon #basketball #bathroom #bathtub #bicycle #body #boeing #book #boom #bottle #brain #building #bush #camera #car #cat #channel #china #christmas #church #circus #city #

google earth preview

play tour download. embed

building height estimation using google earth sciencedirect

apr 15, 2016 the flow chart for calculating building height is shown in fig. 1, which is divided into three steps. in order to easily apply a rs image from google earth, image tests should be carried out first. secondly, we can obtain height of a certain building based on geometry and information acquisition tools of google earth.

online calculator shadow length planetcalc

this simple online calculator gives a vertical object shadow length for specified day and geographic coordinate. the calculator uses sun position algorithm to calculate sun altitude. then it uses this formula to calculate shadow length , where. h object height, a angle between sun and horizon. the calcultor gives zero result if there is no

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google earth north korean economy watch

contemporary north korea watchers (including myself) first noticed this boat in a google earth satellite image dated 2015 10 4. i mentioned it in articles for rfa (2016 2 3) and nk news.. a check of historical imagery of the nampho area also reveals the boat docked there on 2013 11 4.

solar one in barstow, ca (google maps) virtual globetrotting

solar one (google maps). solar one is a pilot solar thermal project in the mojave desert just east of barstow, california. solar one was the first test of a large scale thermal solar power tower

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2d sun path andrew marsh

the term 'sub solar' means that point where a line drawn from the center of the earth to the centre of the sun intersects the earth's surface. in other words, where the sun is directly overhead. the daily sub solar path at the two solstices lie on the tropics of cancer and capricorn whilst the

2017 11 12 mw 7.3 iran iraq border region

earthquakes today recent and latest earthquakes, earthquake map and earthquake information. earthquake information for europe. emsc (european mediterranean seismological centre) provides real time earthquake information for seismic events with magnitude larger than 5 in the european mediterranean area and larger than 7 in the rest of the world.

north korea uncovered (google earth) north korean

jun 25, 2009 north korea uncovered (google earth) notice although some time has passed since version 18 was published, the project grows each day. in due time this information will be made public by 38 north at the us korea institute at johns hopkins university .

how to resolve google earth problem black screen gis english

how to resolve google earth problem black screen reviewed by jamal chaaouan on december 10, 2017 rating 5 this video will help you to resolve black screen problem in google earth, by downloading and connecting hotspot shield elite.. download h


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street view google street view

just type your address or location of your home or office, you can instantly view the street view included live maps and street view maps. street view not sponsored by or affiliated with google

satellite imagery sheds light on agricultural water use

apr 24, 2018 earth may be the blue planet, with more than 70 percent of its surface covered in water, but it is still a thirsty planet, with freshwater in heavy demand. the most significant draw on the

energy (

nov 12, 2019 google s latest project is called project sunroof. sunroof utilizes google earth data to estimate the solar energy potential of buildings. enter project sunroof, my recent 20 project. project sunroof is a new online tool we re testing to help homeowners explore whether they should go solar.

sun position home sunearthtools solar tools for

sun position. the knowledge of the position of the sun and the daylight hours, allow to know the energy radiated from the sun (renewable) at the point on the earth that we are examining. the solar energy can be heat engines produced from solar panels or electrical produced by photovoltaic panels.

google maps in the car 2 48am everything kuwait

dec 17, 2009 google has been found wrong on many routes and so have the other gps systems that use maps like whereis, etc. i have got lost on dirt roads when relying on gps (not in kuwait). with the us delay in sending new satellites to replace the ageing ones since 3 years, i wonder if there will be a systematic gps failure worldwide next year